Chaw-ming Lee is a solid business backbone supporter, an experienced professional specialized in financial and auditing services. He is a reliable business partner with a strong sense of responsibility and eager to strive for a solution by listening to your needs.

As a second generation overseas Chinese in the Netherlands, Chaw-ming is raised adhering to traditional Chinese values, being disciplined, hardworking, modest and caring. The quality western education on the other hand has prepared him in sharp analytical skills and capacity to organize resources.

Chaw-ming has worked for many leading international companies such as PWC, KPN and Heineken. He also offers his assistance helping over hundred Netherland based Chinese SMEs in their accounting and tax activities, supporting them to control investment risks and optimize return on the investment.

Apart from the professional capacity, Chaw-ming’s work style has incorporated his communicative personality and sense of humor. This makes him a unique financial advisor to work with: fun, and reliable. Chaw-ming’ s core competency in accounting service, tax advice, financial & IT audit and control engagements makes him an indispensable partner for Chinese companies to succeed in Europe.