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Do business in China

From the Four Great Inventions (compass, paper, printing, gunpowder) to the giant Great Wall, from magnificent landscape to splendid mix of modern and historical culture and heritage, China has always impressed the world with her unique charm. On the business side, China has a­­lso been catching the world’s attention in the last decades by the magnificent GDP growth and massive sourcing and manufacturing resources.

Opportunities of current China

The world is changing, so as the way to look at China. What opportunities would modern China offer your business?

A number of 242 million of online shoppers, 46% of the world’s luxury products consumption, € 575 billion cross-border ecommerce revenue, € 2.8 trillion online shopping transactions in 2014 and projected to double in size by the end of 2017! China has officially positioned the No.1 online retail market in the world and it is the market to sell!

China opened up further for international business

Such inspiring figures go hand in hand with the full-scale opening up and supportive initiatives that have been practiced from the central to the local level of government authorities to welcome the foreign investment in China and strengthen the Sino-Western collaboration. The Belt and Road Initiative is a China development strategy / framework that is proposed by the Chinese government in 2013. It fundamentally involves China into a strategic collaboration with the world. Other important changes are:

The launch of a pilot of four free trade zones and an expanding list to facilitate the cross-border commerce between China and the western world
More and more simplified investment procedures making the landing in China practical;
Extended segments and flexible models enabling foreign investment in areas as for example high-tech and new technologies, culture exchange and creative designs, modern logistic and services, green economy, life science and health care industry

New investment areas in China

Apart from the world’s well-known first tier cities Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the special economic zone Shenzhen, numerous second tier cities like Wuhan, Chongqing et cetera are also offering attractive investment policies becoming hot destinations to your strategic entry into the Chinese market.

As the country attracting the most of foreign investment in 2014, no matter which sector you are operating, China is the land offering your business dynamic growth opportunity and promising success.


Besides the numerous opportunities, the current government stimulation of international trading offers many time limited packages for enhancing the international business climate, making it easier and a financially neutral first investment to enter the Chinese market.

Many international companies are thriving business with China for many years. Thousands of other international companies are investigating to play a role in new coming areas of business or disrupting the traditional ways of working of the settled ones. Certain areas are a greenfield to enter where other areas are asking for a next step in maturity. In high speed new development is undertaken with China. The Chinese market never stands still. Business opportunities of this month can be the taken seats of next month. In this high pace economy, smart and profound decisions are the difference between disinvestment and booming success.

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