The opening ceremony: the start of a first class opportunity to generate business results

It is clear that there is more than only New York, London, Paris and Milan. That is the feeling you quickly get when attending Shenzhen Fashion Week 2016. Talking about fashion in China, this is the place to be! Nearly 300.000 people work in the fashion industry in Shenzhen. In Shenzhen, fashion is just as normal as tap water.

Opening ceremony

Today was the opening ceremony, where a part of the Dutch designers from our trade mission attended. It is the start of a non-stop waterfall of fashion related events, shows, showcases and loads of creative inspiration around the fashion and textile industry. Loads of energy and a promise of exhausting long days talking with professionals from the international fashion industry. Which leads will be generated? Will the event go beyond the expectations of the Dutch participants? The coming days I will do my utmost best to transform this first class opportunity into business results for the Dutch fashion designers.

About the Trade Mission

Silk Tree Consulting organized a trade mission to Shenzhen Fashion Week 2016, held from the 18th to 25th of March in Shenzhen China. Six Dutch fashion designers joined the trade mission. Yishi Huang, co-founder of Silk Tree Consulting, is on site to coordinate and support the brands at full scale to generate results for China market entry. Read more about it here: Our trade mission to Shenzhen Fashion Week 2016.